About Us

We’re Fern and Friends, a startup Houseplant and Garden retailer. In real life we’re just a couple of regular plant parents, Hannah & Rob. 

We wanted to make high-quality house plants available at a decent price straight to your door. We’re tired of receiving poor quality plants, or plants with issues, so we ensure every plant is happy, healthy, and pest-free before it’s delivered to your door! We’re also tired of house plant prices being inflated for various reasons. Our aim is to make houseplants accessible to everyone.

Hannah holding propagationsHannah
I’d always collected the odd houseplant now and then but once I got lost in youtube plant videos I started creating an ever-growing wishlist, and after learning about the world of propagation I was unstoppable! The house is now full of sphagnum moss prop boxes and water propagation stations; I love opening up the boxes and seeing new root growth and can’t wait to share what I’ve grown with everyone.

I just really like plants.

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