ZZ Plant in weathered terracotta pot
ZZ Plant close up foliage
ZZ Plant Top View
ZZ Plant Zamioculcas Care Guide

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia | ZZ Plant | 40cm

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ZZ Plant, or Zanzibar Gem, is the ultimate un-killable plant. ZZ plants will thrive on neglect and can survive periods of drought. They are also one of the most shade-tolerant houseplants, but they will grow faster with more light.
Please note that the exact size and colour of the plant will vary from images.
Pot Width: 12cm
Plant Height: 40cm
Pictured In: Weathered Terracotta Pot 12cm Please note that decorative pot is not included

ZZ Plant Care Guide - Download Here

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Plant Size Guide

The measurement in the product title refers to the pot size.

The plant height is measured from the bottom of the nursery pot to the tallest part of the plant. This measurement can vary between plants.

The pot size refers to the diameter of the nursery pot it's in.

Both measurements can easilly be found in any plants product description.